Background Checked
All security installers or sellers must be registered with DPS.  This is what the license looks like.

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AUSTIN -- The Texas Department of Public Safety is urging Texas residents to make sure that any alarm salesperson, company or alarm installer that they hire is licensed by the State of Texas.

"We urge anyone who is considering hiring an alarm company or installer to check whether they are actually licensed in Texas, as required by state law," said Capt. Ren Earl Bowie of the DPS Private Security Bureau.

"Alarm installers and salespersons are required to undergo a criminal background check before being licensed, to help ensure the safety of the public."

The Private Security Bureau has initiated investigations in Houston and San Antonio following reports that numerous unlicensed salespersons, installers and companies have been aggressively marketing their services to residents in those cities. Other cities may also have experienced an influx of these salespeople. DPS is working with the alarm industry trade associations to investigate these claims.

To check whether an alarm company is licensed in Texas, please visit the following web site:

To check whether an installer is licensed in Texas, please visit the following web site: