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In 2001, Johnny Orosco Home Theater was established with the sole purpose of providing incredibly attentive service in the design, sale and installation of quality audio, video, home security and home entertainment solutions. With that, the principles of honesty, fairness and friendship are at its core.

It is our hope that with this service, a lifetime of fellowship can be established with our valued customers. In order to accomplish this, our staff pledges to honor you with the utmost of respect in all of your needs, to continually improve in an environment of consistent change and to show our continued appreciation of your support.

What started with a two-man crew 15 years ago has grown rapidly into a family dedicated to providing every client with this service. We are now respected industry wide as a leader in our community.

Currently working with several local builders, our ability to adjust our approach based on both the builder’s needs and the clients’ needs makes the entire process simple and fun.

Our 5000 square foot facility is located in East El Paso and is specifically designed to display the myriad of products desired by today’s sophisticated clientele. In today’s exciting electronic world, we make the decisions easy and understandable with lifestyle settings that show every conceivable application.